The official workshop starts roughly 8th or 9th of July 2011, but we are off already with preparations and the participants are coming in various forms and transports. They are met in Reykjavik on the way east and maybe also on the way back to the airport. One participants comes directly with the boat from Denmark also.

We have now a list of participants. Here it is:

Ane Thon Knutsen


Master student in Graphic Design at the Oslo National Academy of Art in Norway. With long experience in letterpress and experimenting in physical creation of lettering rather than digital.

Şahzene Nilhan Durmuşoğlu Johansen

A student of fashion design from Norway and Turkey. Her website is HERE!

This summer she will be showing at Oslo Fashion Week and doing an exhibition-collaboration collection with Camilla Bruerberg in September. She comes from the Oslo National Academy  school in Oslo.

Sarah Bodil Hansen


A student of Graphic Design at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen. Is doing a project in Nuuk in Greenland where she participated in a course with Dori and Goddur last year also.

Henri Hütt


A young performing artist whose actions are dominated by the systems of dance art and technology from the Estonian Academy of Art in Tallin.

Danny Jian Li


A student in Graphic Design from Helsinki University, originating from China.

A chinese graphic designer, now living in Helsinki, Finland, where he is studying at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Guðmundur Oddur Magnússon


Professor in Graphic Design, Iceland Academy of Art, Reykjavik

Halldór Gíslason


Professor in Design Strategy at the Oslo National Academy of Art, Norway and in Mozambique.

Carl Boutard

Assistant producent of the research sweat lodge and building process.

http://www.boutard.se/content.asp?p=9 (link)


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